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Protocol Writing

At BioMedRA, protocol defined to provide a written down guide for carrying out a research study. Protocol writing is an important part of conducting a study as it provides a clear idea as to how it has to be done and what all things are required to make it a success.

Components of a Protocol for a Research Study are as follows:

  • Rationale of the study i.e. the hypothesis that is to be tested.
  • List of materials required, including the essentials at foremost importance. If materials are already published, the list need not be extensive.
  • Method of setting up the study, including listing down the number of groups, parameters of measuring the effects, time duration etc. If not stated, all such things are referenced properly so that the study could be replicated by the reader for verification of results.
  • Control(s) treatment identification is done. The controls are under natural conditions or conditions that are non-manipulated.
  • Data classification, organisation and interpretation is done after data collection. This gives the result that whether the hypothesis has been rejected or accepted. Tables, graphs, charts etc are popular ways to represent the data in organised form. Comparison between controlled and experimented populations is done through statistical analyses.
  • References of already published journals, books or any other sources are indexed in the protocol for looking up in future.

Clubbing all of this matter as stated above, a comprehensive, concise and accurate scientific paper is written on the basis of all the data collected.

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