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BioMedRA can safely boast of having some of the best researchers in the world on their panel in the field of Oral Healthcare – Dr.Sharma, Dr.Singh, and Dr.Soporkar to name some. Dr. Naresh Sharma himself has conducted over 150 dental studies and has over 75 publications, and has been awarded the “Gold Standard” for his accuracy in reading indices.

Being the inspiration for the company Dr.Sharma brings in a wealth of experience and exceptional know-how about clinical trials and research, which has helped in the development of many Oral/Dental products across the globe.


Plaque and Gingivitis:
Long term accumulation of bacteria and food debris on teeth and in oral cavities are responsible for causing irritation to the gums. Irritated gums show signs like redness, puffiness, bleeding and bad breath. These conditions in their severity can lead to loss of teeth. We conduct clinical trials on human volunteers for plaque and gingivitis respectively for research and also for prevention of further complications among patients.


Our team of experts conduct practical research through clinical trials for dental calculus or calcified plaque that forms thick tartar on tooth surfaces. Tartar can cause detachment of teeth from gums, their loosening and eventual loss.


Tooth whiteners and stain removers:
BioMed specializes in the study and assessment of various dentifrices and procedures like scaling, polishing, bleaching etc., their long and short term effects, composition and possible pros and cons. Qualifying male and female subjects are selected for these studies wherein their tissues, tooth shade, stain existence and density etc. are evaluated before going ahead with the experimental services.


Oral Malodor:
We conduct randomised clinical trials for treatment of patients suffering from unpleasant breath, oral malodor or halitosis. This is a serious condition as it may be a reflection of underlying dental infections, diseases or other complications. An understanding of causes that lead to this issue is very important so as to be in a better position to treat them.


Oral irritation and sensitization:
BioMed selects volunteers who comply with regulatory expectations for conducting clinical trials for treatments related to ulcers and lesions of the mouth, allergic sensitization of oral mucosa, effects of autoimmune disorders and issues arising out of accidental cheek bites, bleeding, tobacco chewing and pinching dentures.


Dental hypersensitivity
Hypersensitivity in teeth is characterized by severe sting or pain during the intake of hot or cold food or beverages. This condition requires thorough evaluation as there can be many factors causing the problem. The BioMed team of professionals provides clinical trial services for dental hypersensitivity.


Denture cleansers and adhesives:
In order to generate evidence based guidelines for the care and maintenance of dentures, the adhesives and cleansers available for them need to be clinically tested and approved. Cleansing agents in the form of gels, pastes or powder are used for keeping removable dentures clean and germ free. Adhesives on the other hand, are beneficial for those wanting to keep the dentures in place over time. BioMedRA offers various clinical trial procedures for these agents, their application, effectiveness and effects.


Research studies for caries or cavities of teeth are conducted on a regular basis at BioMedRA in an effort to improve overall dental health and maintenance of different patients. Caries occur as the teeth start to decay because of insufficient brushing habits or long term deposit of food particles. There are various treatments depending on the level of damage.


Periodontal disease:
Clinical trials for periodontal or gum disease are carried out in different phases at BioMedRA. Supervised tests are run to test the effectiveness and safety of drugs, treatments, procedures. Research questions are answered and discussed like in the case of trials related to other diseases and disorders.


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